Thursday, July 2, 2009

[ Han Chae-Young ] Before & After Plastic Surgery


  1. So which ones are the before pics of Han Chae Young? And why do people care so much?

  2. waahh,,very complete document..
    thank you..
    But,till 2012, the actresses/actors will be adding..

  3. What about Song Hye Kyo?
    the rumours between no and yes.
    Shin Min Ah Plastic Surgery too..whereas Im very2 like her..:(
    The list will be add, here some names from internet too..Han Eun Jung, Kim Hee Sun, Go Hyun Jung, dan Chae Rim.

  4. menurutku aku sih kalo wajah ChaeYoung nggak Oplas mata. bedanya dulu dia polos nggak pake Eye Liner.
    sekarang kan make up tambah canggih, yg AFTER dia baru pake Eye Liner.

    kalo Dadanya, emang ia dia Oplas.